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Digital marketing consultant


Nicole A. Meyerson's story

My story begins with calling a complete stranger to ask them about their loved one who just passed away. As a new journalist, I wrote featured obituaries for my hometown newspaper, the Orlando Sentinel.

My heart pounded each time I picked up the phone, waiting for an emotion-tinged voice to pick up. My greeting was similar each time: "I'm so sorry for your loss. Do you have a few minutes to tell me about your loved one for a story I'm writing?"

I heard fascinating stories about how people lived their lives, and just as importantly, how they'd be remembered. I learned how to quickly connect with someone and establish trust, which was necessary to get the right information for a compelling – and authentic – story.

My career from there morphed into marketing, as journalism jobs became scarce. But I continued to seek out the human element in every project I touched, asking, "How does this emotionally affect people?"

As a marketing, branding, and communications pro with 11 years experience, I've worked with growing startups to large, global companies. I've marketed directly to consumers and to other businesses, getting to the root of a compelling story. I'm a strategist, but ready to roll up my sleeves to create content that engages with your target audience in an authentic way.


My past employers include Google and Groupon, and I've partnered with household names from the Home Shopping Network to HBO on cutting-edge marketing campaigns using the latest technology.

The branded materials I create can be leveraged for:

  • Website copy

  • Social media and blog content

  • Product-related updates

  • Event booth collateral and swag

  • PR/media coverage

  • User experience copy

  • Sales and pitch decks

  • Recruiter communication touchpoints

  • Guidelines for how employees talk about your company

  • Customer service communication

"There is a moment right now... when you look at the work that's winning, it moves people and touches people, and raises brands to a larger conversation."

- Judy John, Edelman's Global Chief Creative Officer

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